Have you ever wondered how to start a business from scratch?

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According to CNN.com, the median wealth for white families in 2013 was around $141,900, compared to Hispanics at about $13,700 and blacks at about $11,000. These stats are not stated to be divisive, but rather shed light on a socioeconomic class that is under-served. Urban Money’s Masterclass will change this.


What Is The Masterclass



Lessons From A.C.

A program, at your pace, that teaches you what has made me highly successful and profitable. Knowledge I have gained over 30 years, and education we all should have started to received in high school. Learn and master the skills you need to build and sustain your own business.









Lessons From Chase

Being an entrepreneur comes with a price. But that price can be eliminated with the right guidance from the right people. With a B.S in Finance and M.B.A. in Finance, learn the strategies and life lessons that allowed Chase to overcome pitfalls and failures and get the place that we all want to be: Success!


How it works

Our courses are design to help those who want to learn how to start a business from scratch as well as those with existing businesses that need to make more profit. We teach entrepreneurs across various niches and markets how to generate Profit with Ease in the shortest amount of time – Regardless of email list size or budget.

Each course is design to help you in a specific area of business such as marketing, branding, traffic, and much more.

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