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Black Teenage McDonald’s Worker Now A Millionaire From Making This One Change In His Life

Robert Mfune is still a teenager as of today. He drive a gold Bentley, White Range Rover, and few other exotic cars. That seems like a fairy-tale considering he was working at McDonald’s two years ago. How does someone do a complete 180 turn like that. Well, I will let you listen to Mr. Mfune’s story below:



When Mfune wasn’t slinging French fries and serving Big Macs at the Golden Arches, he was either fetching tea for the bosses at a top financial firm, gleaning all the information he could, or teaching himself the ins and outs of trading from his bedroom. Today, he makes millions.

Mfune began trading in his room at 17 with an account set up in his mother’s name. Two years later, he makes millions as a businessman, investing in coffee shops and houses in the UK, as well as property in his native South Africa. And though his days at McDonald’s are behind him, he keeps his old, yellow uniform framed in his office.

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Written by C. Harris

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