Real Estate is a vast topic that a lot of people are interested in due to the amount of money that can be made. It is also important to understand that real estate can cause you to lose a lot of money. Learn the in’s and out’s of real estate to put...


Refinancing your home is not an easy task. It should be based off the goals you are trying to reach. Take this class to learn how to make refinancing an advantage for you.


Almost all of us have been in a situation where we were buying a car or a house. However, most of us have no idea how the loan process work. This puts us in a vulnerable position. With this class, you can take your power back by educating yourself. #AvailableNow


This course simplifies marketing for your company. Leverage social media and other concepts to drive traffic to your website. #Available3rdQtr2016

Big Bank And Google Adsense

One of the best ways to make profit from your blog is with Google Adsense. In this class, you will learn the in’s and out’s of how to create revenue with Google Adsense. #Available2ndQtr2016

The Ultimate Sales Page

Selling products on the internet can be a complicated process without guidance. This class provides a foundation on building a sales page that leads to revenue. #Available2ndQtr2016


There is no secret as to how powerful the internet is. Everything in your life can be accessed on your mobile device. If the idea hasn’t hit you, selling products/services over the internet is the optimal business have. #AvailableNow


Are you interested in starting a business but do not know what you should classify your business as? Yea, I’ve been there too. No need to fret, take our iBusiness class to learn the differences and benefits of the classifications that are on the table....


Most of us grew up being taught to go to school and get a good job. However, I think it is time to go to school to learn how to create a good job, instead of getting a good job. Our iEntrepreneur class revolves around what it takes to be an entrepreneur in our...