Frequently Asked Questions

What is Urban Money?
Urban Money is a real-education company that believes in providing knowledge that can enhanced the Urban Community. Educated ourselves with education we can use everyday is the only to invoke change.

Why learn Real-World Education?
All to often, people in the urban community do not learn about credit, investing, real estate, entrepreneurship, and etc. These are essentials keys of knowledge that can change a person’s life. Urban Money values the urban community and will like to give it real-world education that is lacking.

How do we get our church involved?
Simply fill out the application below and you will receive a unique url to share with your church members and community. Please make sure that you fill out the application correctly.

How do we get our members involved?
You will be given a special website link to refer your members to. From here, they can select to take as many courses as they want as well as join our exclusive membership called “The Tackle”. With your members electing to join The Tackle, your church will have the opportunity to participate in our Revenue Sharing Program. Your church will receive 25% of your member’s membership fee on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis as long as they remain active members inside of The Tackle. Commissions are paid on the last day of each month via PayPal or Stripe.

How do I login to check my account?
Make sure to bookmark this url: The affiliate area will allow you to see your account, the amount of your members that have signed up, the commissions you have generated, and much more.

Church Revenue Sharing Application

***Helpful hints: For your name, put the name of your church because this is the name that will show up in your unique url. Once you fill out the application, share your unique URL with your church members and community by using the social network buttons below. (You can also post this link on your church website.)

Click the social network below you want to share your unique link on to begin getting your church members involved.

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