The Problem: No Financial Education.


According to, the median wealth for white families in 2013 was around $141,900, compared to Hispanics at about $13,700 and blacks at about $11,000.

Meet Chase Harris

As the founder of Urban Money, I want to build rapport with you before you become a member. I also believe real-world education should be inexpensive. This is why you can “Name Your Price” for each test-drive class. This is your education at your price.

The Proof Urban Money Works

Take a look at what people have to say about test-driving are classes.

Sy Menafee, M.S. Ed

Sy is a rockstar who is also working on her doctoral degree in higher education. Her passion is service to others and she believes that Urban Money can be a catalyst to improve our community.

Terrance McCants,. B.S. in Finance


Terrance a.k.a. Mac Millie is an aspiring hip-hop artist. He has street smarts and book smarts, and he sees the vision of how Urban Money can uplift our community.

Cameshia Murry., M.B.A.


Most people don’t realize how important credit is until they try to make a big purchase. This is a lesson that Cameshia learned the hard way. After taking our iCredit class, she is now ready for home ownership.

Robbin Monteiro., DeVry Graduate

As a graduate, Robbin assumed she received all of the education that she needed. But as she got older, she realized working to 75 yrs old is not what she wants to do.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cool thing about our test-drive is that you “Name Your Price“. Unlike having unlimited access to all classes in the Tackle membership, you only have 7 days of access after your purchase date to test-drive a course. Our classes have a pre-test, final exam, and a Urban Money LifeStyle Plan for you to follow.

Cashing Out Class: Analyzing Money, Debt, & Interest

Poor people make money to survive. Rich people make money to buy assets that make more money.

We spend over $1.1 trillion dollars as a community in the United States, yet we do not invest in ourselves. The purpose of this course is to give you the tools needed to get started with investing in the greatest asset you have....which is YOU!

iCredit Class: Mastering Credit Simplified


Did you learn about credit at an early age? Most of us learn about credit through trial and error and at this point the damage is done. With our class, adolescences & adults can learn about credit together. Take the iCredit class to learn how to reach & maintain a high credit score. 


iWeb Design Class: Building Internet Real Estate


  In today's world, it is very important that you have internet real estate aka "a website". Everything is done over the internet now. A website allows you to brand yourself and connect with your target market all over the world without leaving your home.


iEntrepreneur Class: Teaching Our Own How To Own

The time has come for us to stop learning how to go out and get a good job. It is time for us to teach our ourselves to go out and create great companies. Learn some simple, yet powerful principles that will allow you to grab your career by the horns and make it what you want it to be.