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The Next Generation Of Learning

In most cases, we do not learn about investing for ourselves, credit, or entrepreneurship in high school or college. We’ve been taught to spend money as soon as we make it, yet majority of us don’t have knowledge to become a savvy investor. Some of us live paycheck to paycheck without buying assets that make us more money. Our purpose is to change this.

The Tackle: Providing The Solution

Paying for courses individually can be expensive, time consuming, and you only get to take the course once. With the Tackle, learning is as easy as 1-2-3 because you have unlimited access to our courses and other features that are accessible from any device.

How It Works

Take our exclusive classes (for ages 12 and up) listed below to help you make intelligent decisions for building your portfolio, credit, businesses and more. Our bonus features compliment our classes to give you extended knowledge on these topics. You can access our classes and bonus features via desktop, tablet, mobile, and in the Urban Money app.

A Breakthrough Curriculum

Recognizing that our education needs to evolve, our curriculum is structured to make you proficient in several areas. Repetition allows of you to retain knowledge and take action, this is why you have unlimited access to all classes.

Introductory Courses

These courses are structured to introduce both the youth (starting at the age 12) and those who are older to the topics of credit, investing, and entrepreneurship. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.

The purpose of this class is to prepare high school students for the real-world. All too often high school students are not taught the basics of credit, financial responsibility, investing, and entrepreneurship. This class will activate your child's financial mind. #AvailableNow
College is a great experience filled with new people and new journeys. However, it is during these years you can set yourself up for financial success or a financial setback. Learn the essentials on how to be financially responsible at an early age. #AvailableNow
The purpose of this class is to enlighten those who are over the age of 30 yrs old on how to generate income during retirement. Too many of us rely on social security and our job’s 401k/pension to support us, but that simply is not enough. #AvailableNow

Investing: Balance & Strategy

This section will help you understand what securities are and how to use them in your investment portfolio. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.

In the urban community, there is so much focus on wasting money on things that do not appreciate. Our community is one of the highest spending communities yet we own little in our community. Poor people make money to live. Rich people make money to buy assets that make more money. #AvailableNow
The purpose of this class is to show the difference between debt securities and equity securities, teach how to use each depending on your investment strategy, and understand how a balance between the two can help your portfolio. #Available2ndQtr2016
The purpose of this class is to simplify the complexities of the stock market and how leverage it in your favor. #Available3rdQtr2016
Investing can be scary considering their are a myriad of things you can invest in. However, your investments should reflect the goals you are trying to reach short-term and long-term. This class will go over different scenarios of this concept.
Options are a financial tool that can be very profitable if understood and used correctly. This class will provide a basic foundation for using options. #Available4thQtr2016

Personal Development & Growth

This section will give you a solid foundation for living life, not just merely existing. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.


In the urban community, we rarely learn the in's and outs of credit. Most of us learn through trial and error and at this point it is too late. Our iCredit class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about credit so that you are prepared for the real-world. #AvailableNow
Many people go through life "existing", while only a few get a chance to "live". Our iAssignment class deals with discovering your gift, your passion and how to share it with the world. During this process, we will talk about how to monetize it so that you can "live". #Available1stQtr2016
The purpose of this class is to help newly married couples with their financial goals. Having two incomes in one household is outstanding, but you consider each other debts, assets, and how to spend money as one. #AvailableNow
All to often we lose a family member and they do not have insurance to cover their funeral expenses. Sometimes their spouse is left with debt that they are unable to handle. The purpose of this class is to educate you on life insurance in order to fix this issue. #Available3rdQtr2016
We all hate them, but we have to pay them. However, remember that the tax code were written by wealthy men. Therefore learn how to play the game the same way they do. Take our iTax class to ease the pain of paying taxes. #Available3rdQtr2016

iEntrepreneur & Strategy

This section will teach you what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.

Most of us grew up being taught to go to school and get a good job. However, I think it is time to go to school to learn how to create a good job, instead of getting a good job. Our iEntrepreneur class revolves around what it takes to be an entrepreneur in our community. #AvailableNow
Are you interested in starting a business but do not know what you should classify your business as? Yea, I've been there too. No need to fret, take our iBusiness class to learn the differences and benefits of the classifications that are on the table. #Available3rdQtr2016

Internet + Skill = Profit

The courses in this section will teach you how to leverage the internet to create a profitable business. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.

There is no secret as to how powerful the internet is. Everything in your life can be accessed on your mobile device. If the idea hasn't hit you, selling products/services over the internet is the optimal business have. #AvailableNow
Selling products on the internet can be a complicated process without guidance. This class provides a foundation on building a sales page that leads to revenue. #Available2ndQtr2016
One of the best ways to make profit from your blog is with Google Adsense. In this class, you will learn the in's and out's of how to create revenue with Google Adsense. #Available2ndQtr2016
This course simplifies marketing for your company. Leverage social media and other concepts to drive traffic to your website. #Available3rdQtr2016

Understanding Real Estate

This section will breakdown the vast topics of real estate and how you can profit from them. Click on the featured classes below to view the description.

Almost all of us have been in a situation where we were buying a car or a house. However, most of us have no idea how the loan process work. This puts us in a vulnerable position. With this class, you can take your power back by educating yourself. #AvailableNow
Refinancing your home is not an easy task. It should be based off the goals you are trying to reach. Take this class to learn how to make refinancing an advantage for you.
Real Estate is a vast topic that a lot of people are interested in due to the amount of money that can be made. It is also important to understand that real estate can cause you to lose a lot of money. Learn the in's and out's of real estate to put yourself in a profitable position. #Available4thQtr2016

Knowledge + Action = Results

Our members begin reshaping their finances within days of taking our courses. Urban Money believes in fundamental principles such as poor people make money to survive, and rich people make money to purchase assets that make more money. We show our members how to plan their work and work their plan!

Synita Capler

Urban Money is changing the lives of our young people. We are using this program to educate the young people at our church two Mondays out of the month. They are light years ahead of us financially when we were their age.

Jarvis Freeman

As a frat brother, I could not be more prouder of Chase. Creating a program that can uplift community financially is amazing. I hope that our people really open up their minds and get involved with Urban Money.

Daneen Johnson

I have three boys and I want them to be as successful as possible. When Chase introduced me to Urban Money, I knew that this was something they had to have if I wanted them to go to the next level. And yea, I use my membership for myself as well 🙂

James D. Shanks

I’ve been knowing Chase since he was 15 yrs old. I knew then that he was special. I’m so glad that he created Urban Money for our community. I’ve gotten my sons involved because I know Urban Money can change their lives.

LaDarryl Walls

I had no idea how to invest my money before becoming a member of Urban Money. After taking several classes, I now have a plan for investment income and retirement.

Lolita Mack

With having a doctoral degree in education and working for several colleges, I can tell you first hand classes that Urban Money have created are not available for everyone in college. Urban Money is something that students can truly benefit from.

James Marshall

One of my biggest issues was living paycheck to paycheck without having money for myself. With Urban Money, I learned how to reshape my finances so that I can pay myself. I now purchase assets every other month that increase in value.

Chris Posey

When Chase presented Urban Money to me, I instantly knew this was a program I had to get for my son. He was a senior in high school and I knew if he learned this information, he would set himself for a great adulthood.

Anwar Daniels

I met Chase when we were in high school. I’m not surprised that he created a program with the purpose of uplifting our community. Chase was a leader on and off the football field, and I’m proud to see him lead our community in the right direction.

Jason Townsend

Urban Money is heaven sent! I’ve never had anyone take the time to break down how stocks, bonds, and loans really work. Had I not learned the information in these classes, I could have lost thousands of dollars.

Meet Chase Harris

As the founder of Urban Money, my mission is to help as many people in our community as I can. With two degrees in Finance and real-life experiences, I created bonus features to help you with reshaping your finances, credit, and business(es). See them below.

Investment Simulation

practice before you start investing your money.

Play With Fake Money First

Even after obtaining knowledge about investing, there can still be some hesitation with investing your real money. Urban Money understands this, and for that reason we encourage the usage of investment simulation. This gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet before you actually start investing.

Exclusive Investment Strategies

We understand that investing for yourself can seem overwhelming. It is a very intimidating process if you do not have a background in investments. The Tackle will provide exclusive content on investing strategies dealing with securities and real estate for beginners.

The Tackle Network

One of the most important goals for Urban Money was to create a platform where like-minded individuals could engage and learn from one another.

Connect. Engage. Inspire.

Connecting with like-minded individuals can spawn some of the greatest ideas you can ever come up with. Get involved with others who want to be successful just like you.

In The Circle

The Circle is a place for aspiring entrepreneurs. In order to be an successful entrepreneur, you have to be All IN. You will be tested to see just how bad you want it. In the Circle, we deal with the issues that entrepreneurs face and how to combat these issues.

Tackle Book Club

knowledge begins with consistent reading

Reading is not only fundamental, but fun-to-mental. The purpose of reading is not to obtain knowledge, but to take action. Therefore, it is critical that we read books that can educate us and motivate us to make intelligent decisions.

Revenue Sharing Program

Refer a friend and receive 25% of their membership fee. For example, if you refer 4 friends to the Tackle who all purchased the $59.99/yr membership, you would receive $59.99 recurring every year as long as they stay active. These 4 referrals would pay for your $59.99/yr membership. You can refer an unlimited amount of people to the Tackle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would a good student be without having some great questions. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions to assist you with joining the Tackle.

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Breakthrough Curriculum

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Investment Simulation

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Revenue Sharing Program

Book Club

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